My artery is compressing my vein!

Iliac vein compression syndrome is an under diagnosed medical condition. It can frequently lead to the formation of clots in your legs also known as DVT. It has also been associated with lower extremity edema, lower extremity skin discoloration as well as the development of non-healing ulcers of the legs. Founder of The VEINS (Venous Endovascular Invasive Solutions) @ AHVI, Andrey Espinoza MD FACC FSCAI, is the only endovascular medicine board certified physician in Hunterdon County and member of the American College of Phlebology. Dr. Espinoza is an advanced specialist in diagnosis and treatment of vein disorders. If you or your loved one suffers from any of these conditions or has questions related to these signs or symptoms please visit us at
Below is an illustrative case of a patient with persistent chronic lower extremity edema. The video clip clearly illustrates the vein as it becomes compressed under the continued pulsation of the adjacent artery. The bright echoes seen show scarring from the repetitive injury. These patients can benefit from minimally invasive stent deployment with dramatic symptomatic and clinical relief of their symptoms.
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