About AHVI

Our mission

The mission of Advanced Heart and Vascular Institute of Hunterdon is to provide state of the art cardiovascular care with integrity and compassion.

Our philosophy

We believe in fostering caring with compassion. This, combined with the most advanced technology in medicine to treat our patients, is the driving force behind the Advanced Heart and Vascular Institute. Medicine has evolved considerably over the past decade. Much has been lost in the physician-patient relationship as obstacles to direct physician contact have grown. The creation of AHVI is intended to “go against the grain” and attempt to re-establish patients’ trust in the system by providing a practice dedicated to “where patients come first”. We understand it is a lofty goal to strive for and one that is confronted with many challenges ahead but we are assembling a team with common beliefs unified by a strategic plan to make our dream come to fruition. We are hopeful that this brand, of what most would consider unconventional medicine in the 21st century, will resonate amongst not only our patients but also our colleagues to make medicine once again a field revered by all, with the cornerstone being a patient centric environment. We hope you will join us in our journey ahead.

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