Here’s what our patients and colleagues have to say!

Not only do I value Dr Espinoza, I am awestruck by how his patient-centric attitude pervades all aspects of his practice. It is not an easy thing to align hiring, training, management, practices but they have. For example, when I call in, they know who I am without me having to provide DoB etc. it’s a technically a small thing, but it matters. And when I call in with a question, the person answering the phone actually wants to help me, as quickly and thoroughly as possible. I’m not going through a series of voicemail layers to leave a message with minimal optimism that someone will reply. Their patient care attitude shows up consistently over the years Dr Espinoza and his team has cared for me.Jane Bond: Google, June 2022
As healthcare systems consolidate and increasingly focus on the bottom line over patient relationships and care, it’s extremely refreshing to have a physician and staff that treat you like a friend, family member, and most importantly, a partner in your wellness. Dr. Andrey Espinoza and his staff at Advanced Heart and Vascular Institute are first class! From the first call to book an appointment, to the patient on-boarding, to the experience in the exam room, I’ve been impressed with each part of the process. If you are sick of feeling like “just another number” in your patient experience with other providers, I highly recommend Dr. Espinoza and his team for your cardiology care.Dave Gambrill: Google, May 2022
Saw the doctor about a year ago because of his credentials and my more than one hour commute was well worth it. He listened and explained everything. A great comfortable personality was a plus.Mike: Google, March 2022
He saved my husband’s life, so I would give him 100 stars if I could. He’s just incredible. Jenifer Santoro
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Dr. Espinoza! Fabulous doctor and staff. The patience and care they showed by brother (down syndrome) when attending him was outstanding! We have since moved 1.5 hours away and will continue to travel to see him. Source: Google, April 2021
Love love love Dr Andrey and staff. Lovely caring people that I trust completely. Source: Google, February 2021
Wonderful personnel and wonderful Doctor. They are concerned, caring and empathetic. Source: Google, March 2019

On behalf of the entire Atlantic Health System family, congratulations on being named a Top Doctor by Inside Jersey Magazine. Your expertise and dedication are at the heart of the outstanding care our system delivers, and your commitment to our patients and their families is an inspiration to us all.

Brian Gragnolati, President & CEO, Atlantic Health System

You are truly one of a kind. Most doctors are so mechanical now because of time and insurance restraints. You were and continue to be so kind to us, (especially during such a frightening and confusing time) and Heaven knows I drive poor Denise crazy with our insurance company lol and you all are so nice always. Thank you again for your devotion to your patients.

Source: facebook.com, September 2018

Dr. Espinoza is the most caring and compassionate doctor I have ever come in contact with. He puts his patients first and in bad times shows the families complete empathy. The best around!

Source: facebook.com, August 2018
Even takes you when you don’t have an appt. Great office. Source: healthgrades.com, April 13, 2018
Excellent doctor with specialized advanced skills and a wonderful relationship with his patients. Source: healthgrades.com, March 2, 2018
I was recommended to Dr. Espinoza [from] my primary care Dr. I have NEVER been more satisfied in a health care physician in my life. Starting with location, which is in an extremely convenient building right off the highway with excellent parking and facilities for handicap. The staff does an amazing job of either answering the phone or promptly returning your calls and always have an answer or find it out quick. Dr. Espinoza, is more than just a well educated, knowledgeable, advanced, experienced and caring Dr, he’s one of the nicest and kindest people I’ve ever met. You become friends with him. He makes sure you not only know, but can truly feel he cares about you, not just as a patient, but as a human being. He understand the complexities of being human and how we all have different needs and ways to find solutions to our problems. This is, in my opinion, the best Dr you will be able to find. If you need a cardiologist, whether you’re looking for a new one or replacing a previous Dr, he’s your man. If you have a Dr and need a second or third opinion, he’s your man. I promise you, your decision to become of patient and friend of Dr Espinoza, will be the best medical decision you’ve ever made. Source: Google.com, February 2018
Great personality, he was very engaged and thorough. Unlike most doctors who act dismissive and uninterested, he seemed very focused and interested in the troubleshooting process. Source: Google.com, December 2017
Very easy to discuss health issues with because he expresses a compassionate concern for people. Source: healthgrades.com, July 21, 2017
Dr Espinoza cared for my grandmother when she needed him the most. He explained everything and is such a caring doctor with such a great bedside manner. He responded immediately and kept me well informed. I trust him with myself and family. Source: healthgrades.com, May 2, 2017

Dr. Espinoza was in the ER when my father was transported by ambulance. He had had a heart attack at home and waited 2 1/2 hours before calling 911! We were blessed to have Dr. Espinoza as the attending physician, who mobilized all medical resources, made all the right decisions and saved my father’s life. We are eternally grateful to Dr. Espinoza!! Hunterdon’s Finest

Source: Facebook.com