DANCE anyone?

At the recent Society of Cardiac Angiography and Intervention the much anticipated DANCE trial was presented. Patients with peripheral arterial disease suffering from leg pain when walking were evaluated in the trial. The DANCE trial involved the injection of steroids into the surrounding tissue and demonstrated a significant reduction in inflammatory biomarkers. This trial and its findings are very unique. General speaking when we treat leg artery blockages, the goal of therapy is to clear a pathway to allow blood flow to be restored to the leg. This technique takes on the major achilles heel of any intervention which is scar tissue development that leads to re-narrowing of the artery occasionally. By reducing the levels of inflammatory mediators and subsequently scar tissue formation patients may benefit from improved outcomes by reducing the likelihood of having a repeat procedure to treat the same area. Further trials will be needed to asses these findings. As a sub-investigator for the trial, Dr. Espinoza was recognized for his patient enrollment and contributions leading to the presentation of this scientific contribution. The device used to perform this procedure is commercially available and Dr. Espinoza uses the device in select patients in order to attempt to improve their procedural outcomes when appropriately selected.

Images below of a patient that underwent the procedure by Dr. Espinoza

A. severe artery blockage                  B. steroid delivery catheter           C. final result