AHVI Partnership with ImageCare Radiology

Teamwork is at the heart of better patient outcomes.

That’s why Advanced Heart and Vascular Institute of Hunterdon and ImageCare Radiology team up.

Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Andrey Espinoza, MD, FACC, FSCAI, and team bring you the most advanced heart and vascular care.

The highly trained specialists at ImageCare Radiology bring you the latest diagnostic and interventional procedures administered in the most comfortable patient-friendly setting.

By working together, we laser focus on providing patients like you with best-in-class heart and vascular treatment.

This teamwork also offers you:

  • More in-depth diagnostics and treatment. Our collaboration brings you deep cross-functional expertise in the treatment and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, including carotid and peripheral arterial disease.
  • Co-developed techniques and protocols that efficiently and effectively focus on your individual situation with personalized care.
  • Collaborative case management that ensures every possibility for your best health is explored.
  • Specialized cardiac imaging expertise that can’t be found elsewhere – including screening for heart and blood vessel, issue route cause determination and treatment monitoring.  
  • Improved patient safety. We deliver the highest-quality diagnostic images using the lowest amount of contrast possible.
  • Consistent image interpretation. Our clinical partnership affords consistency in our communication and reporting. This level of clarity is vital to best inform your treatment.
  • Fast imaging and report turnaround time so you can be treated as quickly as possible.
  • Trust knowing you are consistently receiving top quality care from the same team throughout the lifecycle of your care.

Advanced Heart and Vascular Institute of Hunterdon and ImageCare Radiology

Working in tandem for optimal patient care and better patient outcomes.